A Review of Certified Hosting



Certified Hosting is a small web hosting company that was started in 1999. Although, initially started as a business web host, the company has grown to incorporate other services. This company offers its users the choice of either shared, dedicated or reseller web hosting, depending on each customer’s web hosting needs. Although this company is not as big or as prominent as some of the veteran web hosting companies in the world, its customer support has been praised as one of the best in the industry.


Unlimited Shared Web Hosting

Certified Hosting provides shared web hosting for clients whose web hosting needs are limited, and they do not want to pay a fortune for dedicated hosting. Under this plan, the company provides threes sub-plans that comprise the Dork, Geek, and Nerd plans at a monthly fee of $3.95, $3.48 and $11.95, respectively. All the plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, free templates, and site builder, as well as an unlimited customer and technical support. The Geek and Nerd sub-plans have unlimited domains, but the Dork sub-plan comes with only one domain. The Nerd sub-plan comes with a free private SSL and dedicated IP.

Dedicated Hosting

Certified Hosting supplies servers and provides the appropriate web hosting services for those servers to its customers. The servers are broadly categorized as Entry Level Managed, Mid Ranged Managed, and Pro Series Managed servers. The hardware model, HDD (hard disk drive) capacity, RAM, and the price of each dedicated web hosting plan vary, but they all have 30TB bandwidth. The smallest HDD capacity, RAM, and price are 250GB SATA, 2GB DDR3 SATA and $99, respectively. The largest HDD capacity, RAM and highest price are 500GB SATA, 64GB DDR3 and $676, respectively.

Reseller Hosting

Certified Hosting is one of the few web hosting companies that provide its clients fully-backed reseller plans at no extra cost. People who wish to sublet their web hosting can purchase any of the five reseller plans that CH offers. Reseller clients get full customer support for their customers, any time of day or night, yet they get to keep every cent they make from their client; CH does not demand any percentage of the revenue. These reseller plans comprise Reseller 1, Reseller 2, Reseller 3, Reseller 4 and Reseller 5, and they cost a monthly fee of $19.95, $34.95, $49.95, $84.95 and $134, respectively. All Reseller plans have free site building tools, Enom domain name reseller accounts, and client management and billing software. Whereas the accounts under these reseller plans have unlimited bandwidth and domains, they differ in disk space, bandwidth and advanced features.

Stellar Customer Service

Some of the few available CH reviews portray this company as having the best customer service any business has ever had. The personnel are said to be not only extremely knowledgeable, but also available and friendly, providing stellar support to clients on every raised concern. Stellar tech and customer support are important to both veteran and beginner web hosting customers as it helps them solve problems on time.


Certified Hosting is not a new company as the absence of numerous reviews may suggest. Formed in 1999 as a business web hosting company, CH now provides shared, dedicated and reseller web hosting. There are multiple sub-plans under each web hosting plan that offer varying features and cost differently from the other sub-plans. All plans have unlimited bandwidth, and the customers receive stellar customer assistance.

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